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Sravana Masam 2016 Date

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Sravana Masam occurs in July or August according to the English calendar. Sravana Masam is the fifth month according to the Hindu calendar. Sravana Masam in 2016 starts on Wednesday 3rd August and ends on Thursday 1st September. Sravana Masam starts day after amavasya and ends with amavasya. Sravana Masam is very auspicious month for Hindu's and in this month most important vrat will be observed. In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Sravanamasam is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Gauri or Gowri, Lord Krishna. Some of the auspicious days in the month include Naga Panchami or Nagula Chaviti, Mangala Gauri Vratam, Varalakshmi Puja, Rig and Yajur Vedi Upkarma, Sri Krishna Jayanti Or Gokulastami and Rakhi Pournami. Sravana Masam consist vrath and Females with turmeric feet.
About Sravana Maas :

Sravana Masam Shukla Paksha is from August 3 and ends on August 18 in 2016 (the size of the moon decreases day by day).
Sravana Masam Krishna Paksha is from August 19 and ends on September 1 in 2016 (the size of the moon increases day by day).

Sravana Masam 2016 Date

Significance of Sravana Maas :

Lord Vishnu likes this month because Lord Krishna avatar occurred in this Month. Sravana Pournami is the Hayagriva Jayanthi as Lord Vishnu saved vedas as Hayagriva. Hayagriva is also provider of education and provider of knowledge. Sravana Masam every Monday dedicated to lord Shiva. Every Tuesday dedicated to Mangala Gowri, every Friday dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and every Saturday dedicated to Shani and Balaji. In Shravana Masam second Friday will be Varalakshmi vratam. Weddings are more in Shravana Masam. September 5th Saturday is Sri Krishna Janmastami. Shravan Poornima is observed as Raksha Bandhan. Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi Pournami is on Thursday 18th August. In Shravana Masam Nag Panchami is on Sunday 7th August, Varalakshmi vratam is on Friday 12th August. Sri Krishna Jayanti is on Thursday 25th August.

Garuda panchami is the symbol of Mother and son love. As to release captivity of mother Garuda achived Amrutham. Sravana shudda Ekadashi is called as "Putrada Ekadashi". Raksha Bandhan is the brother and sister binding Rakhi. Polala Amavasya says relation between the humans and animals.

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