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Medaram Jatara 2014

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Medaram Jatara starts on 12th February to 15th February. Medaram Jatara populary knowm as sammakka sarakka jatara or sammakka saralamma jatara. Medaram Jatara will start from Magha purnima and it occurs once in two years.

Medaram Jatara is a tribal festival of honoring the goddesses celebrated in the Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Medaram Jatara 2014

12 Feb 2014  Saralamma Arrival
13 Feb 2014  Sammakka Arrival
14 Feb 2014  Saralamma Sammakka placed on stage
15 Feb 2014  Goddess admittance into Forest

People offer bangaram/gold (jaggery) of a quantity equal to their weight to the goddesses and take holy bath in Jampanna Vagu (stream). It is a festival with no vedic or brahmanic influence.

Medaram Jatara is a State Festival of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. Medaram Jatara expecting largest people around the state. More than 10 million attended for the Sammaka Saralamma jatara in the year of 2012. In the year of 2014 Govt of Andhra Pradesh released fund of 100 crores for arrangements.

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